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In efforts to stay afloat financially, many businesses are trying to expand their product/service offering in the hope that it will have a positive impact on company profits. While expanding your product line can be extremely beneficial, developing a product from scratch often requires a huge financial investment that can leave you and your business financially crippled with little chance of getting back on your feet.

SkyWire Technologies is offering businesses the opportunity to resell telecommunication and connectivity solutions – a low risk alternative for businesses looking to supplement their product line in order to increase profits.

SkyWire Technologies has paired passion and dedication with extensive industry knowledge – a combination that has seen our company develop into a leading telecommunications and connectivity provider in South Africa. We have built ourselves a sterling reputation over the years which stems from crafting top-notch

connectivity solutions with the consumer in mind. Our goal and vision for the future is to ensure that South Africa as a whole has access to bespoke connectivity solutions such as our own. In efforts to achieve this, we are seeking out like-minded business owners who are looking to partner with us and become a reseller of our connectivity solutions.

You may be wondering how your business can benefit from becoming a reseller.

Below are just a few advantages you’ll experience when partnering with SkyWire Technologies.


Adding SkyWire’s telecommunication and connectivity solutions to your line of product/service offerings will draw attention from a larger, more diverse audience which will naturally lead to an increase in sales.



As a result of increased sales from your expanded customer base, business profits will increase too leaving you with more reward at the end of each month.



We offer our resellers great deals on all our services, ensuring you are able to provide your customers with premium solutions at a decent price, while still yielding a healthy financial reward.



The need to be connected is rapidly expanding and South African consumers are demanding fast, safe and reliable connections. Our first-rate solutions have positioned SkyWire Technologies high up on the telecommunications leaderboard in terms of reputation. By taking on our products which offer incomparable benefits, you will notice how customers will flock in your direction.



Increasing your product range leads to higher customer retention. Consumers are attracted by convenience and don’t enjoy hopping from one business to the next for every product/service they require. The more products you are able to provide, the more your customers will see value in doing business with you.



We have over 50 000 Wi-Fi high sites around the country giving customers access to high-quality connectivity in even the most remote parts of the country. This means your business will benefit from the resale of our solutions, no matter where you are situated.


We are on the hunt for reputable companies who are looking for lucrative business opportunities that will help them to expand. If you resonate with our concept and feel that adding SkyWire Technologies’ services to your product line will add value and open new avenues for you, get in touch with us and let’s discuss how we can build a relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

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