Hosting, fax, mail and security.




Skywire offers a complete range of specialised and customised telecommunications solutions that are geared to ensuring full connectivity, voice, PBX, and cloud solutions for businesses.

With over 8 highly specialised solutions for businesses and homes, we provide highly tailored solutions for your connectivity needs.

These solutions ensure minimum turnaround times and maximum connection uptime that offer wide coverage, high performance, and bespoke solutions for businesses of all types and sizes across South Africa.


SkyCloud Business provides your business with an alternative cloud storage solution that requires no investment in self-owned IT infrastructure.

This solution is ideal for ensuring mitigation of redundancy and high replacement costs, ensuring an affordable cloud solution that allows you to free up resources for business-critical innovations.

This is delivered through our cloud computing site, providing easy to access, secure, and scalable cloud computing and storage solutions at a fraction of the cost, without a compromise in efficiency or quality.

SkyCloud Business includes a full suite of fully-managed, redundant cloud services on both virtual and physical machines, including hosting, mail and messaging, collaboration, IP services, security, fax and data recovery solutions.

With data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, our virtualised cloud services offer your business faster response times, less management time and lower costs.

  • Hosting
  • Mail and Messaging solutions
  • SkyWire Messaging Server
  • Collaboration
  • Security Plus Antivirus
  • Network Fax Manager
  • Security and Cloud IP Services
  • Protection-Plus
  • Domains
  • Call Centre Data Recovery



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