Hosting, fax, mail and security.




Skywire offers a complete range of specialised and customised telecommunications solutions that are geared to ensuring full connectivity, voice, PBX, and cloud solutions for businesses.

With over 8 highly specialised solutions for businesses and homes, we provide highly tailored solutions for your connectivity needs.

These solutions ensure minimum turnaround times and maximum connection uptime that offer wide coverage, high performance, and bespoke solutions for businesses of all types and sizes across South Africa.


SkyCloud Business provides your business with an alternative cloud storage solution that requires no investment in self-owned IT infrastructure.

This solution is ideal for ensuring mitigation of redundancy and high replacement costs, ensuring an affordable cloud solution that allows you to free up resources for business-critical innovations.

This is delivered through our cloud computing site, providing easy to access, secure, and scalable cloud computing and storage solutions at a fraction of the cost, without a compromise in efficiency or quality.

SkyCloud Business includes a full suite of fully-managed, redundant cloud services on both virtual and physical machines, including hosting, mail and messaging, collaboration, IP services, security, fax and data recovery solutions.

With data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, our virtualised cloud services offer your business faster response times, less management time and lower costs.

  • Hosting
  • Mail and Messaging solutions
  • SkyWire Messaging Server
  • Collaboration
  • Security Plus Antivirus
  • Network Fax Manager
  • Security and Cloud IP Services
  • Protection-Plus
  • Domains
  • Call Centre Data Recovery



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The technologically robust world we live in holds a number of marvels that simply weren’t a viable option not even a decade ago, and much of our thanks goes to the invention of the internet and the ability to share data around the globe.

Over the last 10 years, digital developments have transformed businesses in numerous ways, but few can hold a candle to the power and convenience of cloud storage, particularly where businesses are concerned.

The move from physical documents to digital ones was transformative enough, but it has also paved the way for cloud storage, a solution that makes managing data and documents in any business more secure and convenient.

Does your business take advantage of cloud storage like our own SkyCloud Business? If not, here are a few reasons why you should consider doing so.


Cloud storage solutions give businesses of all types an incredibly powerful way to ensure the security of their data and documents.

With sophisticated encryption that allows you to control who accesses any of the information on the cloud, you can manage and monitor who does what at all times, and from anywhere.

Cloud storage is the ideal way to keep digital information protected, whether that be from unauthorised access and distribution or even loss through hardware failure or human error.


Handling storage on-site can be extremely expensive, particularly if you have massive quantities of data to store. You will need to invest in your own servers, backup solutions, power management systems, and more, to ensure that information is securely stored and always accessible.

Even with all this added expense, your on-site system will likely not be as secure or easy to manage as a cloud solution.

Opting for a tailored cloud storage package is generally far more affordable since companies like SkyWire who offer them already have the sophisticated infrastructure and hardware in place to do it affordably.


Cloud storage solutions allow you to share and distribute data easily and securely. Not only do they set up the platforms you need to give people access to information and documents, but you can also control their privileges, for example, who can edit, delete, upload, or download documents from the cloud, and which devices they can be accessed from.

This allows you to easily share documents with clients online and from anywhere, integrate how documents are shared between people and departments in your business, or even if and how third parties with permission can access them when needed.


Because cloud computing requires no direct investment in technology, hardware, or infrastructure, you get a lot more flexibility than if you were going the on-site route, particularly in terms of what you pay and what you get for that price.

These digital solutions are highly saleable, providing the right price and capacity for tiny start-ups and mega-corporations alike. If your needs grow, so too can your storage capacity, if they shrink, you can downscale too.


Cloud computing provides one of the most powerful ways to recover documents and data in the event of a disaster. A failed hard drive can lead to massive information losses, a fire can consume physical documents in seconds, power outages can make on-site servers inaccessible.

Cloud computing, in the event where local storage fails or results in lost data, can be the saviour that keeps your business from facing severe losses.


Cloud computing has been around for long enough to start becoming a staple of many industries, with those working with online documents and data finding a crucial need for it. If your business would like to take advantage of the benefits of cloud storage, speak to us about our SkyCloud Business solution, by getting in contact with SkyWire today, or browsing our website for details.