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SkyLTE is a portable, easy to use device. Use it to provide high speed, reliable connectivity for your home, remote office locations or as a voice failover solution for your business. SkyLTE keeps you connected no matter how remote your location in South Africa. SkyLTE ensures you stay connected even if your 4G connection is weak or your fixed wired connection goes down. SkyLTE can connect directly to your company’s PBX system ensuring that you and your business stay connected when traditional connectivity infrastructure lets you down. SkyLTE benefits from national coverage through the GSM networks. Whether you’re working from a remote work location, travelling, in your recreational vehicle, moving home or office you can be assured that SkyLTE will keep you connected.

Features and benefits

Keep connected, stay in touch.

If your business needs reliable, cost effective voice failover, then SkyLTE is the perfect solution for you. Whether you’re a farmer in the Free State or the CEO of a multi-national corporation with remote locations spread across Africa, SkyLTE keeps you connected and in touch with your customers, employees and family.

  • Mines
  • Businesses in rural areas with limited connectivity options
  • Remote offices
  • Farmers
  • Plug-and-play for pain-free setup and installation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Integrates with a wide range of PBX systems
  • Fast Ethernet ports to connect wired devices to your network
  • Linking any of the compatible devices such as SIP phones and PBX hardware is as easy as plugging them in and switching them on
  • Wirelessly connect up to 6 or more different devices and multiple users simultaneously
  • System-dependent automatic voice failover
  • Affordable
  • Reduced voice rates
  • Risk-free service delivery
  • Secure, private networking for connected devices
  • Access to the SkyWire’s interconnected voice network
  • Failover 3G backup for times when 4G LTE is not available
  • Failover support between wired and wireless connection
  • Top quality GSM router and dongle
  • Free delivery
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Highly competitive voice rates
  • Always-on voice connectivity
  • 087 number allocation

LTE, while not necessarily being the most widespread way to connect to the internet, is definitely one of the most useful ones to businesses in South Africa, mainly due to its portability, and reliance on 4G technology, making it ideal for homes and businesses in remote locations, or for those who need to take their connection with them when they are on the move.

It may not be the most cost-effective approach to connecting your business, but solutions like our LTE business products offer numerous unique advantages that make them perfect for many different types of businesses.

Here we will discuss these benefits, particularly in the context of running a well-connected and productive business from wherever you are in South Africa, even its remotest location.


The major and most noticeable advantage to LTE business solutions is how portable this solution is. LTE routers can go with you and will work wherever there is a 4G infrastructure in place, which at this point is just about everywhere.

This is perfect for businesses that need to be on the move but need to retain connectivity wherever they are.

It is also ideal for people who need to move their connection between where they work and their home to remain on the internet, all by simply taking the router with them.


Where installation and infrastructure are concerned, there is pretty much nothing to worry about where installation is concerned. This is because LTE is a fully wireless solution that operates from 4G infrastructure.

The wireless nature of its design, which is the same thing that allows for enhanced portability, also means that installation is pretty much a matter of turning things on.

This means that it can be cheaply, easily, and quickly deployed when it is needed, and moved around as well.


LTE, working off the shoulders of 4G infrastructure, is one of the best solutions for complete coverage, and here in South Africa where numerous businesses operate in remote areas, that might well be absent of telecom infrastructure, stand to benefit the most from a solution that provides connectivity in even the most far-removed places in the country.
This means, that for many businesses in these areas, LTE is not just a solution that benefits them uniquely, but is often the only viable solution they can consider.


Compared to just about any other type of connection, LTE offers some of the highest speeds available, mainly because they are not reliant on fixed connections. With LTE, you can get speeds in excess of 50MB per second, which is often more than enough for the average business’s needs.

The best part is, that to reach these higher speeds, you won’t need to pay to upgrade your line.

Bear in mind though, that LTE is often done over a metered connection, which means that you pay for your usage.


Compared to other types of connections, LTE isn’t exactly laden with the best and most abundant features, which is particularly noticeable when you consider it as a metered connection. But for limited use, it offers more value because of this.

It makes for a wonderfully scalable solution that gives your business exactly what it needs, without exceeding its utility at an extra cost to you.

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