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Skywire offers a complete range of specialised and customised telecommunications solutions that are geared to ensuring full connectivity, voice, PBX, and cloud solutions for businesses.

With over 8 highly specialised solutions for businesses and homes, we provide highly tailored solutions for your connectivity needs.

These solutions ensure minimum turnaround times and maximum connection uptime that offer wide coverage, high performance, and bespoke solutions for businesses of all types and sizes across South Africa.


SkyPBX Business is a virtual IP PBX that can be easily scaled to your business.

It provides a turnkey solution that offers your business a hosted, managed, and outsourced virtual PBX. This means no need to invest in additional equipment or infrastructure, all the while getting the benefits of a fully functional, best-of-breed PBX system.

SkyPBX Business is fully scalable and feature-rich, including voice logging and call centre functionality.

We also offer full reporting and monitoring of systems on a remote level to save time and costs for your business.

  • SkyPBX Business is a hosted, managed, and outsourced virtual IP PBX for the enablement of a soft-based PBX solution.
  • A cost-effective alternative to legacy PBXs and is a tangible option if your business requires more efficiency in terms of voice billing.
  • Provides your business with a turnkey solution that offers best-of-breed PBX functionality, without ever need to own a PBX that will invariably become outdated and won’t offer the ability to scale with as your business grows.
  • A scalable fully customisable solution that offers voice logging and call centre functionality as standard.
  • Support is done remotely (saving you time and costs), and no additional hardware needs to be upgraded if require expansion.
  • Hosted, managed and outsourced virtual IP PBX
  • Soft-based PBX solution
  • Voice logging



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