Hosted, on-site and IP.




Skywire offers a complete range of specialised and customised telecommunications solutions that are geared to ensuring full connectivity, voice, PBX, and cloud solutions for businesses.

With over 8 highly specialised solutions for businesses and homes, we provide highly tailored solutions for your connectivity needs.

These solutions ensure minimum turnaround times and maximum connection uptime that offer wide coverage, high performance, and bespoke solutions for businesses of all types and sizes across South Africa.


SkyPBX Business is a virtual IP PBX that can be easily scaled to your business.

It provides a turnkey solution that offers your business a hosted, managed, and outsourced virtual PBX. This means no need to invest in additional equipment or infrastructure, all the while getting the benefits of a fully functional, best-of-breed PBX system.

SkyPBX Business is fully scalable and feature-rich, including voice logging and call centre functionality.

We also offer full reporting and monitoring of systems on a remote level to save time and costs for your business.

  • SkyPBX Business is a hosted, managed, and outsourced virtual IP PBX for the enablement of a soft-based PBX solution.
  • A cost-effective alternative to legacy PBXs and is a tangible option if your business requires more efficiency in terms of voice billing.
  • Provides your business with a turnkey solution that offers best-of-breed PBX functionality, without ever need to own a PBX that will invariably become outdated and won’t offer the ability to scale with as your business grows.
  • A scalable fully customisable solution that offers voice logging and call centre functionality as standard.
  • Support is done remotely (saving you time and costs), and no additional hardware needs to be upgraded if require expansion.
  • Hosted, managed and outsourced virtual IP PBX
  • Soft-based PBX solution
  • Voice logging


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Standard phone systems are fine for startups and particularly small businesses, but as your operations grow, so too will your call volumes and costs. Because of this, growing businesses need to invest in systems that help them manage call volumes while ensuring quality, minimised costs, and the ability to control, monitor, and manage high volumes of communication.

PBX systems like our own SkyPBX Business offer a sophisticated, cost-effective, and remarkably simple solution for doing this, and it is one that scales with your business.

A PBX system gives your business the ability to manage internal and external calls in your business with a system that allows for multi-line communication using a connection to the internet. But more than that, they are systems that provide functionality for control and monitoring calls on all levels.

Let’s take a look at how having one can benefit your business…


With a PBX system in place, you can enhance the ease of internal communications by giving each person or department an extension that can be easily dialled when internal communication needs to take place.

Putting internal employees in better contact with each other will enhance productivity and organisation in your business, but without a PBX system, can be difficult and expensive to pull off.

Naturally, these systems also allow internal calls to be made at no charge, something that a lot of modern businesses take for granted.


A PBX allows you to manage and monitor all aspects of your phone systems from one convenient system. Internal and external calls can be monitored, restricted, recorded, forwarded, rerouted, and more, all without the need to employ a receptionist to do so.

Think about the benefit this brings to your clients only needing to contact one number in your business to be rerouted to anybody in a way that is convenient and seamless.

The ability to track calls, listen to recordings, or see if your telesales department has been working to hit the numbers you require of them.

All of these things are easy with a PBX because these systems make centralised call management easy and intuitive.


A PBX is a great option for automating how calls are received without the need to hire a receptionist to forward incoming calls to their respective personnel. The ‘auto-attendant’ feature that most PBXs have allow callers to select which department they want to get in contact with, and everything else gets automated.


A PBX system also allows you to easily direct incoming calls to the right personnel, whether they are in the office, on the road, or in another branch. You can programme PBXs to contact the appropriate person, even if they are not on the system, and it will do this seamlessly.

In this age of remote working, being able to get calls directed to you even when you are out of the office is invaluable and essential for a positive customer experience, something that a PBX system like our SkyPBX Business is ideal for.


By now your business should have a reliable internet connection, which is the cornerstone of the functions and features offered by PBX systems.

They are reliant on internet connectivity instead of phone lines, which means that they offer better quality and performance, enhanced internal connectivity, and greatly reduced costs, especially where the individual costs of each call are concerned.

This also means that installation is typically straightforward, requiring little to no additional hardware and infrastructure since it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing network.


If you would like to know more about investing in a PBX system for your business, be sure to speak to us about our SkyPBX Business package. For further details, get in contact with a representative from SkyWire today, or browse our website to find out more.