Broadband satellite access.




SkySat offers affordable, reliable, high performance, broadband satellite services wherever your business or home is. In order to suit your specific area requirements, we offer plans in the C-band, Ka-band and Ku-band frequencies, providing your business or home with uninterrupted coverage throughout Africa. With quick deployment, SkySat offers you a high-availability service (there is no last-mile limitations) and no risk of cable theft. SkySat also has plans dedicated to the mining, oil and gas sectors, as well as mobile options for the maritime sector. With fast installation times, connectivity that offers redundancy in the event of an interruption, and VPN capability, SkySat is the perfect satellite solution for your business or home.

Features and benefits

SkySat uses a state-of-the-art remote terminal unit. Its compact form factor provides an Ethernet interface to a PC or LAN router. Its affordability eliminates the classical cost-performance constraint of satellite technologies and offers a proactive approach to support to provide the highest level of service.

  • Simplified operation
  • No dependence on any terrestrial network
  • Temporary or long term
  • IP telephony capability – enjoy free voice calls between branches
  • The most cost-effective disaster recovery option to your network
  • Scalable – easily add capacity or sites
  • IP-based service – two-way IP broadcast services
  • Unshaped broadband data
  • Uninterrupted coverage of sub-Saharan Africa
  • Remote site availability
  • Deployment is quick
  • Re-deployment is simple to execute
  • Can be powered by solar panels (not effected by power outages)
  • No risk of cable theft
  • Shared 4096k/384k or 4096k/256k bandwidth (location dependent)
  • Month-to-month service – no contract required
  • Support for two IP voice channels per terminal
  • Full visibility and control over data usage

Remote construction sites
Reliable communication is a constant challenge for remote construction sites, and the fact that these offices are relocated every few weeks or months only adds to the problem. SkySat offers reliable internet access, as well as IP voice services, and can easily be redeployed whenever – and wherever – necessary.

Game lodges
In the services and tourism environment, fast and reliable internet connectivity has proven to be a true differentiator. With SkySat, game lodges can provide a high-speed Internet service for corporate and conference guests through Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as enabling online booking, website hosting, and liaising with customers.

Farming and rural communities
SkySat is the ideal option for agricultural, farming, and rural communities, providing reliable internet access, no matter how remote the farm or homestead. There is no risk of cable theft, and when powered by solar panels, SkySat is not affected by power outages.


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