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Skywire offers a complete range of specialised and customised telecommunications solutions that are geared to ensuring full connectivity, voice, PBX, and cloud solutions for businesses.

With over 8 highly specialised solutions for businesses and homes, we provide highly tailored solutions for your connectivity needs.

These solutions ensure minimum turnaround times and maximum connection uptime that offer wide coverage, high performance, and bespoke solutions for businesses of all types and sizes across South Africa.


SkyVoice Business provides an alternative to fixed-line voice call solutions that offer the ideal avenue for your business to cut costs on phone calls, while simultaneously improving their quality and reliability.

This solution enables you to cut costs on voice calls by backhauling all your voice calls to our national data centres.

You can even port your existing phone number and can be implemented without having to invest in new PABX equipment and handsets. This, in turn, allows you to extend the life of your telecoms assets while still enjoying the benefits of Next Generation networks.

We offer an alternative as well, in the form of SkyVoice Mobile, a service that routes cellular calls over WiFi, thereby disintermediating the mobile operators and delivering further savings to your business or home. We terminate calls to every country in the world and offer contract lengths to suit your voice needs.

SkyVoice Mobile is an additional service that routes cellular calls over WiFi, thereby disintermediating the mobile operators and delivering further savings to your business or home. We terminate calls to every country in the world and offer contract lengths to suit your voice needs.

The interconnection of distinct networks allows users to communicate with a large community of users without the need for the carriers to duplicate networks. For this reason SkyWire has signed interconnect agreements with all major telecoms providers. We have negotiated and continue to source competitive voice termination rates in order to offer you tangible, meaningful cost savings.

Geographic number portability allows you to save up to 40% on your monthly bill.

If you wish to keep your geographic number but change your service provider to SkyWire, you can expect high quality service on both in- and outbound-calls by porting to us and will also see a significant cost reduction in total monthly fees and call spends.

This ensures that you retain your well-known and established numbers when migrating to our solution. Our own number ranges (geographical and non-geographical) have been sourced directly from ICASA.

PortaOne products are designed around a converged carrier-grade billing platform combined with SIP soft switch and media applications for conferencing, IVR and unified messaging.

Our PortaOne solution enables us to offer your business or home multiple voice, data, and converged services on a single platform:

  • Internet access: WiFi, WiMAX and broadband.
  • Wholesale IP voice termination and origination.
  • SIP trunking and hosted IP PBX / IP Centrex.
  • Mobile diallers and softphone applications.
  • PortaOne White Label Services.



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Benefits of VOIP for business


Advancements in telecommunications technology have turned a lot of models of business communications on their heads which have changed the way many companies communicate internally, and with their customers.

Few developments have had as much of an effect on this as VOIP infrastructure, like that of our SkyVoice Business solution, which has brought numerous benefits to businesses everywhere.

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol delivers a voice calling service, much like traditional landlines, that are operated over internet protocol networks, making it function and cost, much in the same way that an internet connection would.

Let’s take a closer look at how this as benefitted those businesses (and even homes) that use this solution:


One of the major advantages that businesses can glean from VOIP solutions is a significant long-term cost in running costs, mostly due to the fact that VOIP makes use of internet protocol infrastructure instead of a fixed landline, to facilitate voice calls.

When you compare the difference in costing models between fixed landlines and internet lines, it is easy to see why.

Fixed landlines come at a cost per use, which means that the more calls you make (and depending on where those calls are being made to), you end up paying more because of a per-minute or per-second costing model.

Any business with a telesales department using a fixed-line for calls already understands how quickly this can result in mounting costs.

A VOIP line, on the other hand, being one that is tethered to internet protocols, has a costing model similar to that you would get from any uncapped internet line, which means that it is costed to a once-off or fixed monthly fee that will not rise depending on how many calls you make.

If your business generally spends a lot each month on calls being made from fixed lines, this is a massive advantage that compounds the more reliant you are on your phones.


Local telecommunications lines often leave something to be desired in terms of the call quality you get from them, often with results that vary from day-to-day. A crackling phone line with static in the background making it near impossible for the person on the line to hear you, does nothing for your business, especially for those precious moments where it needs to relay important information or pique a prospect’s interests over the phone.

Clarity can make all the difference, and let’s be honest, fixed phone lines don’t always provide it.

By working through ha quality internet line, such as fibre, LTE, or ADSL, VOIP services can drastically improve the quality of your calls, assuming you have access to a stable internet connection.

VOIP uses very little data, so even with an internet connection that has high bandwidth needs, you will still enjoy a crisp voice line from your phones, every time.


Uptime on phones has been a concern surrounding them since they were first widely used, but having a dependable phone line for your business that you can rely on to keep communication flowing, is arguably essential for any business, of any size.

Networks working off of old phone lines, for many reasons, simply cannot offer this kind of uptime and reliability.

Firstly, here in South Africa where cable theft is a daily reality that often interrupts service deliveries. Exposure to bad weather is also a common issue that makes phone lines unresponsive, and repairs for both of these issues can be a timely affair that leaves you without a point of communication.

Then of course there is a general lack of maintenance that often occurs on fixed-line infrastructure, particularly if your business works in a remote location that sees little attention. All of these issues can cause serious complications for your business, often incurring additional costs when you need to use a temporary, alternative solution, like mobile phones.

Being tied to an internet protocol, however, VOIP is as reliant as your internet connection, which can be a huge benefit for those with access to reliable internet, like LTE (especially in remote areas) or indeed, fibre.

This means fewer interruptions to your communications for any business with access to the internet, which should, at this point, describe most of them.


A common area of concern for businesses opting to change the way and tech they use communicate is whether or not they will be able to keep their existing detail once they make the move.

This is an understandable concern, as a simple number change can mean a lot of complex alterations to other parts of your business.

How many business cards, letterheads, invoices, and ads will need to change? The cost of reprinting and redesigning these items might be one you don’t want to have to deal with.

What about your website, social media pages or any other type of online advertising? Having to change your number means getting in touch with these agencies and seeing to it that the changes are made.

Worse still, what about those clients who have your number saved, but have no other way of contacting you? Are you to just leave these clients in the hopes that they will find your new details somewhere down the line?

Fortunately, with VOIP services like our SkyVoice Business solution, you can keep your old or existing numbers by simply porting them over to the new system, and it will be as though nothing had changed, except that your calls will be clearer, more reliable, and much cheaper overall.


With the right VOIP package in place your business can even circumvent the costs that are generally associated with routing calls to numbers across various cellular providers. For instance, if you want your salespeople who are out on the road to have calls made to the office forwarded to them, you would normally have had to set up call forwarding through a system like a PBX in the past.

While this is still a fairly common way of doing things in businesses with high volumes of calls and intricate communication networks, there is a cheaper and much easier way…

Our service for Sky Voice Mobile for instance lets you use the VOIP infrastructure to forward or route cellular calls over Wi-Fi, cutting the cost of call forwarding by disintermediating mobile operators and instead using your internet connection at the office, and not requiring expensive equipment like PBXs to do it.


There are plenty of excellent reasons to opt for VOIP services like our SkyVoice Business and Mobile packages. If you would like to know more about how these offers from our leading team of telecommunications providers can enhance your business, or would like to know more about all our solutions, be sure to visit the SkyWire website today.