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Remaining competitive in a world that moves at a rapid pace, involves keeping up with the latest technological advances, especially when it comes to communication.


In the modern business world, a good telecommunication system is crucial to optimising business efficiency and productivity. The days when an email connection was enough to keep your business running are long gone, and the requirement for a high-speed, stable business connection is not only necessary, it’s vital. Besides keeping you connected with your customers, current telecommunication systems also bridge the gap with regards to internal communication within your company.

SkyWire Technologies is an established new-age telecommunication service provider offering wireless, fibre and satellite connectivity solutions to businesses in and around South Africa. SkyWire has brought together the best experts in the industry, who understand the importance of streamlining business operations.

Stemming from their extensive knowledge and experience, they are able to craft customised connectivity solutions to suit your specifications, giving your business the flexibility it needs to grow.

SkyWire opened its doors with the initial purpose of providing superior fixed-wireless point-to- point data solutions to companies all over the country. It is “the product that started it all” and SkyWire’s service continues to outweigh the competition with its accessibility and efficiency. Today, SkyWire has grown to offer an extensive range of telecoms products and services to get your business connected:

SkyWire SkyWire – Forming strategic partnerships with major telecoms companies and national network-to- network interfaces, SkyWire is able to offer clients a 99.5% availability SLA (Service Level Agreement), a feature that ensures your business is almost never offline.


 SkySat – A high-availability broadband satellite access service offering great connectivity at an affordable rate. Being satellite based, there are no cables involved and the connection is mobile, making it a great option for businesses in the mining, oil, gas and maritime industries.


SkyLTE SkyLTE – Perfect for offices located in remote areas, SkyWire’s 4G LTE voice and data connectivity benefits from national coverage through the GSM networks, ensuring you can stay connected in even the most secluded areas.


SkyInternet SkyInternet – A market leader in internet solutions, SkyWire is a tier-1 Internet Service Provider with access to the major undersea cables and a completely unshaped network, ensuring maximum uptime and resilience for your business.


 SkyVoice – Offering a viable alternative to fixed-line operators, SkyWire is able to cut your phone bill in half (almost!) by setting you up with our VoIP or PortaOne services – both of which are hassle-free and offer supreme quality calls at the best price.


SkyPBX – Providing a hosted, managed and outsourced virtual PBX, SkyWire offers you a convenient, scalable solution to handling your calls. Miles ahead of legacy PBXs, the virtual PBX allows you to make use of all the functionality, without having to own your own PBX, saving you time and money.


SkyCloud SkyCloud – A cloud computing solution that eliminates the fuss involved with outdated IT infrastructure, leaving your IT department to focus on more important technical issues. SkyWire’s virtualised cloud services offers your business faster response times at an affordable rate, and requires less management.


SkyWire helps businesses like yours to remain competitive by building solutions that unify communication systems, allowing you to streamline and effectively control internal operations, while ensuring you remain connected with your customers at all times. Our reliable and cost-effective solutions, paired with our ‘hands-on’ approach has rewarded us with a reputation that is unrivalled in the industry.

With over 80 000 wireless high sites across South Africa, we are perfectly equipped to construct solutions for businesses, no matter the requirement or the location. We will set you up with a high-speed, stable connection in just the blink of an eye, after which, you will be provided with unconditional on-going support, so that you are always connected and never inconvenienced. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, get in touch with SkyWire and get your voice, video and broadband requirements sorted today.

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